Sunshine Coast Biz Owners, it’s time for a Revival

And that is exactly what Sunshine Coast Business Coach Matt Collins from Smooth Business has done. This coming Friday the 9th of May, Matt has put together an all star line up that are going to teach you multiple ways that you can improve your marketing, customer retention, and customer service, with what Matt likes to call…

Can you use the cricket to sell coffee on Twitter?

Watch how this coffee business educates, engages and sells to their market all in under 140 charters on Twitter.

Why Google Hangouts are the most cost effective marketing strategy, you can start using TODAY!!!

Just click the page refresh button to get the presentation to play @ 7.30 PM EST 20-8-13   Join the live conversation below

Aim for perfection, but don’t let it hamstring you!

If you are a Biz owner on the Sunshine Coast, you cannot afford to miss this. Gideon Shalwick is coming to the Sunshine Coast Internet Marketers meetup and the topic will be… Video Marketing of course!