The Cold Hard Truth is, It’s July already, Xmas is Coming at you like a Freight Train And…

If I tell you to do something you can be assured it’s because I have already put it in place myself. Let’s take a look at how my system is set to to bring people along to an I Love Marketing Maroochydore Meetup.

Sticky: 3 reasons you must get your ass onto Amazon immediately

Do you have specialised knowledge that a Global Market could benefit from, but you have no way to reach them?

How to create an awesome offer

Now if you are on the Sunshine Coast keep reading because this will help you out immensely…

Aim for perfection, but don’t let it hamstring you!

If you are a Biz owner on the Sunshine Coast, you cannot afford to miss this. Gideon Shalwick is coming to the Sunshine Coast Internet Marketers meetup and the topic will be… Video Marketing of course!