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With facebook growing at a phenomal rate it makes sense for your business to take full advantage. But there are so many businesses getting it completely wrong. Social sites like facebook are called social sites because…

Surprise, surprise people are on there socializing!!!!

Facebook is not a pitch fest. If you get on there and try to force your products and services down people’s throats, you are going to very quickly become disheartened with the whole thing. Remember it only takes a click of a mouse for someone to unlike you and they are gone. More than likely for good, so you are going to have to become very clever about the way you market your business.

Your fan page is going to need to add value so that people will want to keep coming back. In other words….

You will need some social in your social media marketing!!!

Firstly you need a good welcome page that very clearly spells out how people are going to benefit from becoming a fan of your page. As you can see on my Sunshine Coast Web Marketing welcome page I have the message…

Beanie puts the social in your social media marketing

I also go on to tell new arrival’s to my page that…

When they are ready for their business to Stand Out online (benefit) they should click the like button above (call to action)

The picture at the top of my welcome page is also very important.

That picture is my brand, and when people see it they associate it with myself and sunshinecoastwebmarketing.com You will also notice I have video on my welcome page, video is a great way for you to create a personal connection with new visitor’s to your fan page. It is particularly powerful if you let your personality shine through.

It is also very important to be collecting email addresses.

Because you don’t actually own your fanpage like your blog or website. What I mean by that is that your fanpage is hosted by facebook so you don’t have full control over it like you do your own website. That is the small price that you pay for having access to such a huge database of potential customers.

So to mitigate this ever becoming a problem you build a list by capturing people’s email addresses. The way you do this, is with an ethical bribe!!!

The “Turn your info into Cashflow” audio provides great value to visitor’s to my site, because of the valuable information contained in that audio recording. It is a great deal as all it costs them is there email address for some very valuable information that when put into action, will generate leads,sales and cash flow for their business.

This all sounds great  Beanie I can hear you thinking to yourself, but I don’t have the time to set it all up for myself. Can you do it for me?? Of course I can

Below is my facebook starter package.

The basic package includes…

  • A custom welcome page.
  • Set up of your info page.
  • An audio information product (MP3)
  • Promotion of your fan page through my blogs and fan page.
  • Two hours of one on one training on how to put social in your social media marketing. (Via Skype)

The basic package is $495.00 plus GST

The following upgrade options are also available if you really want you business to STAND OUT

  • Youtube Video. (Includes set up of your youtube channel)
  • Copywriting for your welcome and info page. (By a specialist copywriter)
  • A custom graphic logo. (By a specialist designer)
  • Aweber Email autoresponder. (3,6 or 12 month packages)
  • Additional social media marketing training.

As these options are customized to your needs, you can either email or call me so that I can provide a quotation for you.

Looking forward to working with you to make your business STAND OUT!!

Cheers Beanie

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