I am just updating the links page, and I have decided to split it into a number of categories.

I will provide links to page with high page rank, that I have personally checked.

In order to provide you the best content on the net.

So scroll down and find the category that interests you the most.

Web Design

The argument over what type of web design is the best, varies depending on the market you are in.

The best thing you can possible do is, research exactly what you need in your web design.

That is going to capture the attention, of your market as quickly as possible.

Always keep in mind, that you only have approximately seven seconds to capture the attention.

Of someone new that arrives on your site.

So make sure you get it right.

Below is the most relevant links to web design I could find.

I will update it each time I come across new information, I feel will be valuable to you.

Keyword Research Tool Reviews

Their are many great keyword research tools, Personally I swear by Market Samurai.

  • Steal This Niche – Intro – New series! In the “Steal This Niche” series you’ll learn how to do niche research by watching as I do it – and at the end of the video, you’re welcome to STEAL THIS NICHE and build your site around it. …

Following is a list of valuable reviews, read through them and decide for yourself.

If you actually use a keyword research tool, and find some good keywords.

You will be so far in front of your competition, it won’t be funny.

A great free keyword research tool you can use is google’s keyword tool.

The first link below is an article I posted, that has a video showing you exactly how to use it.

Everything WordPress My favourite blog platform…

  • wordpress Plugin keywordluv More Than Scratch The Surface – Download (downloaded 3322 times) | Subscribe To Plugin News NOTE: This blog is no longer DoFollow and KeywordLuv is only active on this page. For information on why this is the case, see Bye Bye DoFollow. If they don’t enter the @ symbol, the anchor text will simply display as normal.