The Cold Hard Truth is, It’s July already, Xmas is Coming at you like a Freight Train And…

You Are No Where Near Ready to Cash In, Yet Again!

Maybe you are ready? Maybe you can make me eat my hat? Maybe but I doubt it, let’s do a quick test and see…

If you have all of this in place, then you are ready to rock and roll…
  1. Have you selected a Single Target Market to focus on?
  2. Do you have a compelling offer that is going to get them to call you?
  3. Do you have systems in place (text, audio and video) that are educating them and priming them to do business with you this Xmas?
  4. Do you have a unique offer for them, presented in a way that it is easy for them to get started?
  5. Have you created a dream come true experience for them, created from their perspective?
  6. Are you providing after sales service, even after you have been paid?
  7. Are you Nurture Lifetime Relationships and focusing on Their Life Time Value?
  8. Are you helping them to Orchestrate referrals for you, which allows them the chance to feel great.
I know what you are thinking right now.

That is easy for you to say Beanie, but how much of that do you actually have in place yourself? Well If you think I am like the proverbial plumber, that fixes everyone else’s dripping taps but never actually fixes his own.

Think again.

If I tell you to do something you can be assured it’s because I have already put it in place myself. Let’s take a look at how my system is set to to bring people along to an I Love Marketing Maroochydore Meetup.

A Single Target Market

This is an easy one, the single target market for this is Retail Business Owners in Peregian and Coolum Beach.

A Compelling Offer

You get to come and try an I Love Marketing Meetup for Free

To Claim Your Free Ticket You Simply Click on This Link and Follow the Prompts

But I am even going to amp that up. Firstly when you sign up for your Free ticket I also give you the Free Report…

Six Reasons People Don’t Buy From You, Even Though Your Products and Services are Awesome

But wait there is more. 

This is the Facebook offer that I am just about to roll out… As I said your first Meetup is Free to attend. Then it’s $97.00 per Meetup. But this is the deal that I am going to do for ten (9 now actually 1 went before I even finished this post) people, and it’s only available via Facebook.

If you Join the Potent Marketing Podcast Community (where you get a $1 trial for 7 days, then it’s $37.00 per month) you can come along to all of the I Love Marketing Meetup’s for the rest of 2014 For Free.

Systems in place to Educate and Motivate

Let’s do a quick Google search which will soon tell us if I have been doing my job on this one. Dr Google never lies.

Sunshine Coast Marketing Consultant, Beanie the Social Tradie That is the top five spots on the Front Page of Google for anyone looking for I Love Marketing Maroochydore. I can live with that!

A unique Offer that Makes it Easy for them to get started

The unique offer bit is easy. They get to work with me live at every Meetup.

No one else can do that because there is only one me teaching the way that I do.

It’s easy for you to get started as well because  you can come along to your first Meetup for Free, so that you can see if it is for you or not before you even spend a cent.

A Dream Come True Experience for Them

At every Meetup I have one short term goal, which is to give the people that come along a proven strategy that they can take away and make enough money to pay for their next Meetup ticket.

I also offer this guarantee. If you don’t feel that you got your money’s worth from a Meetup (that you paid to attend), just let me know and I will refund you.

No questions asked.

Nurture Lifetime Relationships

My long term goal is for everyone to get so much value for their business from attending, that they literally can’t afford to not turn up.

Orchestrate Referrals

I have this covered two ways. When you sign up to get your Free Ticket you are taken to a Thank – You page where you can invite a friend to come along. The Second thing that I do to orchestrate referrals is…

You get a Free Pass to any I Love Marketing Meetup where you bring along another business owner.

So by now you should be picking this up…

I walk my talk. There is No Hype, Jargon or Bullshit. It’s just Smart Effective Marketing that Works.

If you want to sidestep all of the unnecessary hours of work, and get straight to the stuff that works. I would love for you to come along to an I Love Marketing Maroochydore Meetup.

Speak Soon

Getting the Facebook Deal is Super Simple, in fact it’s just two steps.

  1. Buy your ticket (for $1) via the Selz widget below. You will need to print the report you get as that is your admission ticket.
  2. Click Here to Join the Potent Marketing Podcast Community. It’s $1 for a 7 day trial and then it’s $37.00 per month to stay a member.  You can cancel your membership at any time, and still come along to the I Love Marketing Meetups for the rest of the year.

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