Sunshine Coast Biz Owners, it’s time for a Revival

Has your business struggled since the GFC?

When times ¬†are tough you have two choices…

  1. You can bitch and moan about how bad things are.
  2. Or two you can take control of your own destiny, and not let outside forces push you around.

I know what you are thinking right now, that is easy to say Beanie, but it’s a little harder to do.

There was a bloke named Henry Ford, and he said something like this.

Whether you can think you can, or think you can’t, either way you will be right”

So let’s focus on what we can actually control.

And that is exactly what Sunshine Coast Business Coach Matt Collins from Smooth Business has done.

This coming Friday the 9th of May, Matt has put together an all star line up that are going to teach you multiple ways that you can improve your marketing, customer retention, and customer service, with what Matt likes to call…


Wow Factor


The two main draw cards for the event are…

  1. Bob Ansett, business entrepreneur and best selling author that built Budget Cars into a 400 million dollar international business.
  2. Barry Bull author, speaker, music man, who built the powerhouse Toombul Music.

Both of these speakers have seen the good times and the bad. And they are champing at the bit to impart their knowledge, gained hands on in the trenches of the business world.

Tickets for the event are only $44.00 which is a bargain given the quality of the speakers, and the wealth of knowledge they will be sharing with you on the day.

So now it’s up to you. Matt has given you the opportunity to come along and learn from these legends. Head across right now, book your tickets, and make sure you stop me and say hello on the day.

See you there.

Beanie the Social Tradie


  1. Shelley Love says:

    Hello Adam,

    Helen and I were at the Smooth Business seminar on Friday 9 th may We tried to touch base to gather more info as we feel we need instruction on social media.

    What does your Networking is for losers free ticket mean?

    Thanks so much for your reply to

    Regards Shelley

  2. Sunshine web says:

    Hey Shelley, my apologies, I just found this comment. I have just sent you an email re your enquiry.

    Cheers Beanie

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