Could your business use, Eight Profit Activators?

How would you like to have eight profit activator’s working for your business before Xmas this year?

Think you don’t have the time to make it all happen?

Well think again because I am going to shortcut the whole process for you and show you exactly what you need to get in place to make this all happen as quickly and easily as possible.

Now let me be straight up front about this, because this program is not for everyone.

In fact it is aimed at a very specific narrow market.

Which is funnily enough, is one of the eight profit activators!

This program is $1000.00 but here is the kicker…

I am going to help you make $2000.00 in sales before you pay me a cent!


That’s not a misprint. You don’t pay me until you get your sales first.

There is however a catch, (I know you are thinking I knew there was a catch).

You have to actually implement the strategies that I teach you at the group meetup each three weeks, and if you don’t there is a penalty for not doing so.

 This is how it will work…

Just watch the short video below and I will show you the exact process…


 This is not for people that want Free solutions. I only want people that are already spending money on their marketing/advertising but are sick of the poor results they are currently getting.

There are only ten spots and you have to apply to get one.

 First you go across to simply book me and select a time for a quick 15 minute chat with me.

On the call we are going to establish two things…

  1.  How many sales you need to make to get your $2000.00
  2. Whether we are both happy to work together for the next six months

I take on all the risk, if I don’t get you a result, (and you have completed all of the tasks that I have assigned you) then you don’t pay! End of story.

I don’t want you to create massive amounts of extra work for yourself either. In fact I am going to show you where you can get someone to do most of this for you at minimal cost. Or you probable have someone within your business that you can delegate these tasks to.

One thing you will have to commit to doing though is one 50 minute focus finder every week. Watch the video below to learn why the 50 minute focus finder is such an important tool for growing your business.


Do you qualify? Your business must be related to one of the topics below.

  •  Fishing
  • Boating
  • Four Wheel Drives
  • Camping/Caravaning
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Luxury car sales

To book a time for a chat just click on this link.


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