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Before you even start, I know exactly what you are thinking… What the hell is Beanie doing talking about Xmas this early in the year?

Bare with me, there is a point to all of this.

You see at Xmas time last year (damn it sounds so long ago when you say it like that) I was kicking back with a beer wondering where the hell the year had disappeared to. Sound familiar?

Fast forward to just last week when it suddenly dawned on me, January has already gone! Bloody hell that was quick. Now if you are anything like me round about New Year’s Day this thought occurred to you…

This year is going to be different.

I am going to get my business really singing, and make enough spare cash to take December off and really enjoy Xmas with my family.

Well we both know what happens next. Life gets in the way, and that resolution you made just becomes a memory. Then before you know it Xmas has rolled around again and you promise yourself…

Next year it will be different!

The vicious cycle has kicked in again with vengeance. I think good old Einstein summed it up perfectly when he said… “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result”

So what is the answer Beanie I hear you ask? How can I break this vicious cycle? Lets go back to what good old Uncle Albert said and see if there is a clue. How about this…

Why don’t you do something different this year? I can read your mind again it’s saying, damn Beanie you are a genius! Lol

Time to get serious, here is my suggestion because I would love to be the one who helps you smash the vicious cycle once and for all. For a number of years now I have been an advocate of Mal Emery’s teachings. Every time I have read, listened or watched Mal talk about business, he always stresses this point.

“The money in your business is in the marketing, not in the whacking or cracking or physical things that you do”

So here is what I have got for you…

Every three weeks we will get together with a group of like minded business owners, with the focus on improving your marketing.

We meetup (at Benchmark restaurant Peregian Springs) enjoy a hot coffee and cooked breakfast, then I will run a 1/2 training session based on the teachings of the I Love Marketing (because that is where the money is remember) Podcast.

There will be three simple action steps for you to take away and put into practice before the next meetup. Reason being all these action steps are going to add up to something big by the time Xmas rolls around again.

Sounds exactly like what you have been looking for? Great.

Here is what I want you to do next…

At the bottom of this post is a box that will have the details for the next I Love Marketing Maroochydore Meetup.


Because the first meetup you attend is FREE. This is so you can come along and see for yourself that I am the real deal, and not just some clown talking bullshit about Xmas!
Just shoot me through an email to beanie1607(at)gmail.com with the following in the subject…

Beanie I am coming to the next meetup.

That’s it.

Speak soon

Cheers Beanie the Social Tradie


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