Is Your Business Going To Be:
One Of The Thousands That'll Die On The Vine Because You Think The Online World Of Marketing Is Too Complicated Or Expensive?

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It can be really hard for anyone to embrace new concepts, concepts that are already gaining traction and leaving the old ways behind.

Change can be the great unknown. 

However the risk is not in making the change, the risk is in not taking the actions to take advantage of the change.

The evolution of business and how we attract customers has changed so quickly and so dramatically over the last five or six years, that many businesses have ceased to exist and in some cases, whole industries brought to their knees.

Why? Because the digital age is upon us, and those businesses who continue to rely on the now old ways of attracting, selling to and communicating with customers are either nervous about their future or contemplating joining the lines of job seekers.

Six years ago when the s**t hit the fan, when the masters of the universe decided that the debt feast and inflated asset values had to come to an end, I knew that the way in which I conducted and marketed my business required a change in belief and direction.
I embraced, studied and implemented the new digital age.

My businesses evolved and thankfully survived during what was a harrowing time for many. I even built and launched an online business during the depths of our economic malaise and it has grown nearly 3000%, yes three thousand percent, in the last 18 months.
How? Because of a shift to digital marketing and discarding the old, expensive and difficult to measure forms of pre-historic advertising.

Over the last six years, I spent countless hours and invested a few dollars learning how all the platforms worked – Websites, Blogs, Lead pages, Facebook, Twitter.....
To many people it looks like a dark, frightening maze, yet when the business growth and income potential from using these platforms is made clear, the maze walls disappear and the light shines brightly.

Enter Adam Bean.  After seeing Beanie speak at a Business Leaders conference, of which I was a keynote speaker, I just knew he was the guy who could help take my businesses to the next level.

Beanie has spent the last five or six years learning from the world’s most successful and highly paid digital marketing experts and he now possess a vast knowledge that can help any business attract more customers with minimal effort and investment.

How do I know? By following his systems and advice, for only a few short months, the income for my online business has almost doubled and my traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business is poised for immediate and sustainable growth.

What did I do differently? I showed a little faith, listened and acted.  Pretty simple really.
I sincerely believe business owners have two choices. 

Keep doing it the old way and die. Or find a ‘Beanie’ and get cracking.


Craig Heppell
Marketer & Business Builder.

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